The Promise

Healthcare is Evolving


Technology capabilities and digital solutions are on the path to completely revolutionizing healthcare. Our next challenge is enabling greater access to healthcare to support people on their journey to healthier lives.

Simple Solutions

People need simple solutions that provide them with access to advanced technology, innovative health treatments, and non-invasive digital therapies that will help them progress through their recovery… in the comfort of home.

Data and Access

Providers need better data and access to patient progress information on the effectiveness of their treatment plan to assist, guide, and intervene when necessary to ensure patients are on the right path.

people a year die from chronic diseases, making up 70% of deaths.
dollars is spent annually to care for patients re-admitted to hospital within 30 days
4 in 10
Americans have two or more chronic conditions. Patients with 1-2 chronic conditions have 2x the likelihood of inpatient hospitalization.
The Primefocus digital health platform, delivers easy-to-create personal care plans for patients, prescribed by their healthcare providers for multiple health issues as they recover in the home.
What We Do

Our Solution and
Who We Serve

We’re creating a provider-led digital healthcare platform with access to innovative treatments and advanced remote monitoring capabilities to enable providers to care for their patients on the road to recovery at home.

Through the Primefocus health platform, aims to provide access to smart device-authenticated (non-self-reported) data for a more accurate picture of patient’s health status and the effectiveness of their recovery plan without the need for onsite visits.

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We’re interested in partnering with healthcare providers to build and grow new solutions that will bring us closer to the future of digital health.