The Primefocus Digital Health platform, paired with AI-technology,  plans to enable healthcare providers to better manage patient care in the home.

Our Solution

The Primefocus Digital Health platform is expected to be built to integrate with remote monitoring technology with digital healthcare therapies within doctor-prescribed personal care plans for patients to follow as they recover at home.

Our Goals
Patient experience through personalized advanced technologies and an efficient 
support system.
Internal clinical processes and decision-making to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.
Costs associated with hospital readmissions and emergency room visits.
Care coordination and communication between patients and healthcare providers.

The Primefocus Platform

The Primefocus Digital Healthcare platform aims to serve as a simple, easy-to-follow personal care plan for patients in the home and provide data-driven reporting to healthcare providers with an accurate view of the patient’s recovery process.

Patient Experience
Simple, Guided, Integrated
  • Innovative Vitals Tracking
  • VR/AR Based Therapy
  • AI Based Care Guidance
  • Wellness Insights / Education
  • Telemedicine
  • Comprehensive Care — Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Nutrition
Primefocus Platform
Provider Experience
Efficient, Data Driven, Scalable
  • EHR Integration
  • Customizable Workflows
  • AI Clinical Decision Support
  • Population Analytics
  • 1 RPM Provider, Multiple Conditions
  • Nursing / Outreach Services
Interested in the Future of Digital Health

Partner with Us

We’re interested in partnering with healthcare providers to build and grow new solutions for the future of digital health.