Who We Are

Primefocus Health, developed by a team that is part of LG Electronics North America Innovation Center, is at the forefront of a new vision for healthcare—a seamless experience for people to have access to the care they need with the latest advanced digital health care solutions to enable them to live healthier, better lives.

We’re working to improve patient outcomes and population health while reducing costs for patients and providers.

Our Vision

To revolutionize home healthcare through promoting innovation, personalization, and health equity, empowering individuals to receive exceptional care from the comfort of their homes.

Our Mission

Empower individuals to take control of their health at home.
Reduce costs for patients and providers, and improve people's lives, worldwide.
We are delivering on this through continuous advancements in technology, a compassionate and human-centered approach, and a commitment to comprehensive care.
Backed by

LG Electronics | LG NOVA

LG’s brand vision is to innovate for a better life. We are focused on bringing new solutions to market that will create a brighter future for people and the planet.

In digital health, LG Electronics is working to solve the challenges of today’s healthcare system with solutions that will transform the healthcare experience for people, provider, and healthcare institutions for the better.

The company’s North American Center of Innovation, LG NOVA, builds and launches new ventures, in partnership with startups, with a positive impact on the future of people and the planet. Through this process, LG NOVA aims to fuel growth across the innovation community and to create, nurture, and grow new businesses.

Meet Our Team

Darren Sabo

Founder and CEO

Gayathri Santhanam

Senior Director of Product

Our Advisors

Joshua Di Frances
Head of Incubation, LG NOVA
Ali (Tonton) Diallo
Managing Director, NOVA Prime
Atul Singh
General Manager, Digital Health, LG NOVA
Dr. Saquib Rahim
Chief Medical Advisor, Primefocus Health
James Kirby
Government Initiative Lead, LG NOVA

Come Work With Us

We’re interested in partnering with healthcare providers to build and grow new solutions for the future of digital health.